Nine O'clock May 1980
Nine O'clock May 1980
Nine O'clock June 1980
November 11th, 1980
Shell Chevron
Oil and Water
Float Plane
See Planes
Water Line
Lucky Shot
Sunset circa 1976
Perfect Moment
Imperfect Moment
Bad Picture
Not a Bad Picture
Two Heads are better than One
Good Picture
A Few Seconds in June 1980
After Fred I
After Fred II
After Fred III
I like to Watch
Tepid Interest
A Lot of Cars
The Broken Bridge
Land Art
Bus Stop
Flight window
Plain View
O Canada
Obliqity of the Ecliptic
Talbot Lago
Wing Nuts
Right of Way
Canadian Dream
Canada Day
Circles of Confusion
Wold Car
Sailing Magazine Photo
Summer Time
Winter Time
Fire Fear
Highway Sign
Hearing is Believing
Inadvertent Narrative
Whats a Few Minutes
Floats Like a Cork
Atmosphere Camera
Analogue Selfie
Gravity is Serious
Palm Ice Cream
Picture Show
Words are pictures too
Jack Knives
A Beach is a Good Place to Reflect