TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER - 2016 / Projection event / dimensions variable

Film's physical quality is analogous to a railway track, a zip line or a road and the story a film tells seems locked in the long but narrow space of the film strip. Just as Michael Snow's Wavelength takes one across his New York studio with a zoom here the projector moves across the room pulling itself along the film it is showing. The Take Me To Your Leader (TMTYL) rig has the film stationary and the projector moving so that the projector reels itself in towards the screen. The analogies are numerous and it precipitates a rethinking of many assumptions we have about the physical film form. The camera has had all the glory for too long, now the projector, travels under its own power on reel wheels, to emerge from the projection room gliding through the audience to apparently embrace the screen as they have been separated for too long.


THEN IS HERE - 2016 / 60:00 loop / Single Channel Video SD / USB edition of 5

Every specific time seems to reside in a place and every special place seems to be located within a specific time such that one could speculate that time and space are so closely related they could be interchangeable. On this site at 7:05 July 5, 1981 the Devonshire Hotel was demolished in a few seconds to make way for the current building. This event was shot at 200 fps from the second floor of the kitty-corner Vancouver Hotel and became a short film called Terminal City. That brief specific event is now purely virtual as the place of that time does offer any tangible connection to that identical space of 7:05, July 5, 1981.

This piece plays the event over and over mocking the ferocious appetite time has for experience. The image shows the physical building transforming into a dust cloud, modeling this inevitable process that moves all things, including us, from the real to the virtual not as a fatalistic point of despair but rather as a glorious process that transforms physicality into consciousness similar to the way experience transforms into memory. One can theorize that place/body is physical and time/consciousness is virtual and after the end the virtual is what could be said to remain. Since there is no longer any place and hence no time; we will be released from the state of then having achieved a true now.